Adrienne can guide people through a nutritional, emotional or spiritual maze to a place where they have a better understanding of their situation. While she has been a life coach for twenty years, the past five years she focussed primarily on medical research about the microbiome and gut health, discovering that this new paradigm in treating gut dysfunction offers the potential to change the way we treat these diseases by incorporating a more symbiotic approach to wellness.

Our gut bacteria, microbiome, is a an enormous metabolising part of our immune system. Over seventy years of antibiotics, processed food and environmental toxins have impacted our eco-system causing dysbiosis and consequently disease. If you would like to learn how to repair your microbiome and restore health,  please email Adrienne. 

Gut Sequencing

Dysbiosis is related to multiple diseases, including skin, inflammatory, metabolic, and neurological disorders. A better understanding of our relationship with our bacteria is essential for diagnosis and appropriate treatment of these ailments. Advances in sequencing have allowed an increasing number of metagenomic studies to be performed. These studies have provided key insights into the human microbiome.

The human body serves as a host to a networked community of microorganisms (microbiome) that outnumber the body's own cells. Deciphering the composition and function of the human microbiome can provide a deeper understanding of its' structural and functional properties. Our understanding of the human microbiome and the application of metagenomic analyses will greatly enhance our understanding of human health and disease in specific individuals. The exploration of human microbiome and metagenome is considered to represent a frontier in human genetics.

Shotgun metagenomic sequencing allows researchers to comprehensively sample all genes in all organisms present in a given complex sample. The method enables microbiologists to evaluate bacterial diversity and detect the abundance of microbes in various environments. Shotgun metagenomics also provides a means to study unculturable microorganisms that are otherwise difficult or impossible to analyze.

Unlike capillary sequencing or PCR-based approaches, next-generation sequencing (NGS) allows researchers to sequence thousands of organisms in parallel. With the ability to combine many samples in a single sequencing run and obtain high sequence coverage per sample, NGS-based metagenomic sequencing can detect very low abundance members of the microbial community that may be missed or are too expensive to identify using other methods.

If you would like to sequence your microbiome contact Adrienne. 

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Adrienne Grierson is a documentary filmmaker who also suffered most of her life with  digestive trouble...

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